Tools required - A

  • Chainwhip / Gates Carbon Drive POM Key / strap wrench / Flat Wrench
  • Rohloff sprocket remover tool: #8508 (135/170/142/177), #8509 (148/190/197)
  • 24mm open wrench

Tools required - B

  • Chainwhip / Gates Carbon Drive strap wrench (Alternative should chainwhip / Carbon Drive strap wrench not be available: Hold tire / rim steady to prevent rotation)
  • Rohloff sprocket remover tool: Art.#8508 (135/170/142/177mm O.L.D.) or #8509 (148/190/197mm O.L.D.)
  • Lock-ring tool (#8518), ½“ drive torque wrench

Ensure the following prior to completion of any removal /assembly process:

  • Shift Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 into gear number 14 (highest gear)
  • Clean hub shell, sprocket and general area carefully
  • Only use thoroughly cleaned components

Rear wheel removal / mounting
Refer to Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 / Rohloff E-14 original Owners Manual

Important Information

  • The original/current Splined Sprocket can be re-used with this new Splined Carrier
  • The securing circlip can be discarded along with the old Splined Carrier
  • The inner thread of the Splined Carrier L / SL has a special coating which must not be removed
  • Please note chainline/beltline differences: Use the table above to note the chainline / beltline currently used by the Carrier / Sprocket combination
    used on your SPEEDHUB
  • Take note of the mounting position before removing Sprocket from the Carrier:
    • Gates Carbon Drive Threaded Sprocket = Text facing inward,
    • Gates Carbon Drive Splined Sprocket = Text facing outward
  • A select few manufacturers deviate from this standard and mount sprockets inversely (technically possible):
    Gates Carbon Drive Threaded Sprocket (inverse) = Text facing outward,
    Carbon Drive Splined Sprocket (inverse) = Text facing inward
  • Select the correct new Splined Carrier #8540L / #8540SL with the help of the table above, to ensure your Splined Sprocket rests in the same position (+/-1mm) following the Carrier conversion
  • Maximum chain thickness: All chain thicknesses are compatible with chan sprockets of 15 teeth and above
  • Follow the assembly / removal instructions of the individual component manufacturer, e.g. Gates, Bosch etc.
  • Do not rest wheel driver-side facing downward with sprocket removed. Oil will leak out!

Note Splined Sprockets

The assembly instructions are equally applicable to Rohloff Splined Sprockets (15 tooth and over) as Carbon Drive Sprockets.

We recommend however, the use of either the regular Splined Carrier (Art.#8540) or Splined Carrier Slim (Art.#8540s) for chain sprockets, because this Carrier is compatible with all chains and Splined Chain Sprocket sizes while retaining the tool-free removal / mounting attribute of the original design!

Distinctive features between Regular and Slim Splined Carrier variants

8540 and 8540S

Broad carrier and narrow carrier

8540L and 8540SL

Clearance - Hub Shell / Sprocket