Changing sprocket

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We show you how to reverse or replace the sprocket on your SPEEDHUB.


The sprocket sizes 15, 16 and 17 of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 are symmetrical and are therefore reversable, when worn on one side.

After reversing the sprocket, fit a new chain. This will now pull on the other, unworn side of the sprocket. Once both sides are worn, the sprocket must be replaced. The 13 tooth sprocket is not reversable, and therefore, must always be replaced once worn.

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Sprocket reversing/replacing

Check that the seats on the driver are clean so that the tool can be properly seated. Place the sprocket tool over the clean seats of the driver and with a quick release lever (CC) or an axle nut (TS) secure in position, so that the sprocket tool is prevented from springing out of the seats.


Make sure that the area around the sprocket and hubshell is free from dirt, so that this cannot penetrate into the gear-unit during this process.

Hold the sprocket tool steady with a 24mm wrench and using a chain whip turn the sprocket anticlockwise in the opposite direction to the 24mm wrench.


Check the sprocket for signs of damage or wear caused by the hub seal.If needed, reverse or replace it for a sprocket with undamaged seal surfaces immediately. This will in turn reduce the possibility that oil could seep out.


Make sure that the sprocket remover tool is properly secured correctly when mounting or dismounting the sprocket. The sprocket should not be removed with the use of a benchvice mounted sprocket remover tool. Failure to comply could result in damage to the driver.

The sprocket can be removed over the sprocket tool. When only reversing the sprocket, clean the sprocket turn it over 180° and screw it back onto the cleaned and regreased thread of the driver in a clockwise direction. Tighten up the sprocket using the chain whip. If the sprocket needs to be replaced, simply screw the new sprocket tightly onto the driver.


Placing the new/reversed sprocket onto the driver over the sprocket tool helps the sprocket to sit evenly on the thread, so as to eliminate the possibility of cross-threading.

A drop of special Rohloff cleaning oil (Art.No. 8402) through the holes in the new sprocket face can drastically help reduce the effect of the crank rotation while pushing the bicycle.

Splined Carrier Conversion

Every Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 unit can be upgraded to use this new splined sprocket system. We'll show you how that works.

Splined Carrier Conversion