Splined Carrier Conversion

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Every Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 unit can be upgraded to use this new splined sprocket system. We'll show you how to do this below.

Splined Sprocket Carrier

All splined sprockets are reversible. Always fit a new chain when reversing the sprocket!


The 54mm chain-line of older 15/16/17 tooth sprockets will be moved with Carrier #8540 out to 57mm (position of outermost chainring on modern triple cranksets).

The belt-line with carrier Lock #8540L of a Carbon Drive transmission remains 55mm (+/-1mm) as before.

Art. #8540 Splined Sprocket (O.L.D. 135/142) 13-14-15-16-17-18-19-21 = chainline 57mm
Art. #8540s (small) Splined Sprocket (O.L.D. 135/142) 15-16-17-18-19-21 = chainline 55mm


135/142mm O.L.D. SPEEDHUB with splined sprocket:

13-21 tooth = 57mm chain-line (Carrier 8540)
15-21 tooth = 55mm chain-line (Carrier 8540s)

170/177/190/197mm O.L.D. SPEEDHUB with splined sprocket:

13-21 tooth = 75mm chain-line (Carrier 8540)
15-21 tooth = 73mm chain-line (Carrier 8540s)

Splined Carrier L  #8540 with Splined Gates Carbon Drive sprocket:

135/142mm O.L.D. = 55mm (+/-1mm) belt-line (Carrier 8540L)
148mm O.L.D. boost = 52mm (+/-1mm) belt-line (Carrier 8540L)
170/177/190/197mm O.L.D. = 73mm (+/-1mm) beltline (Carrier 8540L)

Initial mounting

Preparation: Slide the reversible splined sprocket fully over the clean carrier so that it lies against the polished seal rub-ring. Snap the circlip over the carrier by hand ensuring this sits correctly in the carrier seat.

Check the sprocket is tight. Lightly grease the threads of the splined carrier.

Clean the around the sprocket and ensure the driver pockets are free from dirt. Unscrew sprocket in a counterclockwise direction using a chain-whip and secured sprocket remover tool.

Clean any foreign particles from the seal lip and driver with a clean cloth.Slide the preassembled sprocket/ carrier unit carefully over the remover tool (as a locating guide) and then fully down onto the driver.

Secure the pre-assembled sprocket/carrier unit tightly in position with a chainwhip (in the direction of travel/ clockwise). Mount the wheel back into the frame and check the chain/belt tension - adjust if necessary.

Use the distancing washers provided (arrowed) to ensure the upper jockey-wheel teeth are directly under the teeth of the sprocket. Use of a longer mounting bolt (Art. #8257 incl. distancing washers) may be necessary.

Check the smooth/light motion of the sprocket by rotating this backwards. If you notice excessive resistence, then the free-floating (sprocket side) bearing may rest under tension and will need to be loosened.

Do this by thumping each axle stub with a plastic mallet (sprocket side once, then gearmech side once). Sprocket must now rotate backwards smoothly with little resistance.


The sprocket remover tool #8508 (with adapter and bolt) must be used for all 142/177mm O.L.D. SPEEDHUB Units.

The original sprocket remover tool (Art. #8501) can only be used with 135/170mm O.L.D. SPEEDHUB Units..

Sprocket remover tool Art. #8509 must be used (with an A12 adapter and bolt) for all 148/190/197mm O.L.D. XXL SPEEDHUB units.

Collision check

Special applications

The splined sprockets and rotating SPEEDHUB must not under any circumstances collide or rub against other components mounted to the bicycle. Failure to avoid such component collisions will result in additional noise and component damage!

1. Use of a Hebie Chainglider:
Please note that only the rear portion of Hebie Chainglider Type 350 (15t-17t), is compatible with the SPEEDHUB splined sprocket system. - see FAQs

2. Use of an enclosed chain-case:
The revised chainline can lead to collisions between the chain-case and bicycle frame. Please consult the bicycle manufacturer directly for advise.

3. Use of a chain tensioner:
The revised chainline may require the use of a longer mounting bolt (Art. #8257 incl. distancing washers).

Should the frame O.L.D. 148/190/197mm or utilize a Shimano direct-mount derailleur hanger, then a ‘Chain Tensioner -10’ (Art.#8520-10) will be required

4. Use with specialist Frames:
The 3mm wider revised chainline may lead to collisions between larger splined sprockets or the chain itself with the dropout or seatstay tubing.

Please use the template provided to check for possible collision areas.

Template for collision check (seatstay/dropout with splined sprocket)

PDF Download

Gear Inches

Sprocket calculator


The increased number of sprocket sizes now offers a wider choice of chainring/sprocket combinations. The gear inch tables are all available online (see above). Please consult these tables to calculate the desired ratio and then to check this is authorized for SPEEDHUB use. Experience shows a factor of 2.5 - 2.8 is ideal for touring/commuter use (factor = # chainring teeth ÷ # sprocket teeth).