Wheel removal

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Here we show how to remove a SPEEDHUB wheel, from the bicycle frame.

The installation process can be found in the link below:

Wheel installation


To remove the rear wheel, please take note of the following steps:
1. Separate the gear mech (1.1 o. 1.2)
2. Loosen axle and where appropriate the torque arm (2.1 o. 2.2)
3. Removal of the wheel from the frame (3.1 o. 3.2)

Separate the gear mech

Internal gear mech

Separating the gear mech involves opening the bayonet connectors. To do this easily, select a middle gear, so that these connectors are in an easily reachable position. Next, to open the connectors, twist the male and female parts 90° in opposite directions whilst pulling them apart.


When opening the connectors, do not hold the female connector by the spring as this makes separating the connectors considerably more difficult.

External gear mech

Separating the gear mech involves removing the cable box. Cable box sits over a hexagonal peg which joins it to the external transfer box. The wheel should be removed in gear #14 to make remounting the wheel easier. Loosen knurled head screw D and remove cable box E.

Loosening the long torque arm

CC versions

Open the quick release by pushing the locking pin G from the inside of the frame in an outward direction away from the Wheel.

Open the axle quick release lever.

Pull the torque arm down in the direction of the arrow to release it from the frame.

TS versions

Loosen the torque arm clamp bolt by unscrewing it with a 4mm allen key.

Loosen the axle nuts with a 15mm wrench.

Removal of the wheel from the frame

Wheel removal

Remove the wheel from the dropouts and the chain from the sprocket.


A chain tensioner prevents the easy removal of the rear wheel (when mounted). The chain tensioner must be pulled backwards in the direction of the arrow to allow the sprocket to pass the chain tensioner. When, however, it is a DH chain tensioner, the mounting bolt must be loosened before the rear wheel can be removed.

Wheel removal: OEM and OEM2 versions

No loosening of a torque arm is neccessary with these versions. Simply open the quick release lever (CC versions) or loosen the axle nuts (TS versions).

On the OEM versions, the axle and the support block are released together from the OEM dropout.

On the OEM2 versions with Rohloff SPEEDBONE, the axle falls out of the dropouts at the same time as the axle plate seat falls away from the Rohloff SPEEDBONE support peg.

On the OEM2 versions with just a support bolt or Money Bone, the axle falls out the dropout at the same time as the axle plate seat falls away from the support bolt/Monkey Bone.