Tips for cycling tours

What you can expect to find on this page

We suggest that in regard to poor parts on the bike you should always carry a few important tools with you.


Our service team is on the net and you can Email us at . We endeaver to help with any technical problems and, when neccessary, ship spare parts out all over the world.

However, due to extremely high postage costs or lack of service in some countries, this is not always possible. You should therefore take consider carrying selected spare parts (in case of accident damage or excessive wear), a range of tools and this Owners Manual along for the tour. Owners manual also available online here:

Tools for on the go

  • 2mm allen key (male/female connectors, cable pulley screws)
  • 2.5mm allen key (twist shifter securing screws)
  • 3mm allen key (drain screw)
  • 5mm allen key (securing bolts for torque arm/chain tensioner)
  • 8mm wrench (for turning the shifting rod)
  • 15mm wrench (for axle nuts where applicable)
  • Chain lubricant and grease
  • Torx TX20 (all other bolts of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14)

Additional equipment for long distance journeys

  • Oil change kit (Art. #8410)
  • Sprocket tool (Art. #8501)
  • Spare chain and sprocket, spokes and shifter cables
  • Internal gear mech: spare hub cables (Art. #8271) or with a quick-change axle ring (after Serial Number 25300) Hub cable Easy Set (Art. #8573) or the complete axle ring set  (Art. #8572)

Emergency repairs on the go

Several repairs can be improvised in emergency situations

Breaking of a hub cable (internal gear mech):
Remove axleplate and cable pulley, then use an 8mm wrench to select a suitable gear (e.g. gear #7). Riding further is now possible using this one gear.

Breaking of a shifter cable (internal gear mech):
Pull the hub cable until a suitable gear is found (e.g. gear #7). Riding further is now possible using this one gear.

Male or female connector lost or damaged (internal gear mech):
Join the hub cable and shifter cable together using an electrical terminal block.

Breaking of a shifter cable (external gear mech):
Remove the cable box and use an 8mm wrench select a suitable gear (e.g. gear #7). Riding further is now possible using this one gear.

Safety ring (and pin) of the quick release on the torque arm (where applicable):
Use an M6 nut and bolt or improvise by using binding wire.

Loss of oil:
Loss of oil through sweat oil or the light leakage of oil through the seals is harmless. Therefore, travelling further until the next scheduled oil change (every 5000kms or once per Annum) is not harmful to the gear-unit. See point "oil leakage" in chapter Fault Diagnosis.

On-site help

If you re experiencing any problems, please contact your nearest Rohloff agent: