Rohloff E-14 Android-App

Remote updates can now be uploaded and installed in any Rohloff E-14 Shifter Units (after Serial Number 880300112353X) via remote connection with a Android Smartphones running the new Rohloff E-14 App.

The software being run by a Rohloff E-14 Shifter Units with a serial number preceding serial number 880300112353X will need to be updated as follows:


The E-Bike transmission must be switched off before commencing and the Smartphone running the App, must have at least 50% battery capacity left. The Smartphone must have an active internet connection (WLAN or network) and must be within a 2 meter range of the bicycle during the entire update procedure.

The Rohloff E-14 App is compatible with all Android Smartphones running 6, 7 or 8 software. The App can be found in the Google Playstore by clicking on the following link:

App Playstore

After installation, you must start the app on your smartphone.

After installation, you must start the app on your smartphone.

A sticker can be located on the bottom of every Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit. The unique serial number / barcode of each unit is printed on this sticker.

The serial number must be programmed into the App (or barcode scanned into App) before the connection between Smartphone and E-14 Shifter Unit will be authorized.

Scanning the barcode is possible by simply tapping on the camera logo within the App itself.

Try to ensure the red line in scan window is parallel with the serial number in order to obtain the best scan result. It may be necessary to move the Smartphone nearer or farther form the E-14 Shifter Unit in order for the camera to focus and identify the barcode.

The Smartphone will scan the barcode automatically as soon as it has focused and will then return to the previous App screen. The serial number should now be listed in the correct section.

Download of current software will start immediately upon tapping the [WEB] button. Please be patient while the download is being completed.

The time required will vary depending upon connection speed.

The download has been correctly completed, if the new software version is illustrated in the "Firmware File:" section.

Switch the E-Bike transmission on and wait for the audible signal from the Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit. You now have 60 seconds to connect the Smartphone with the E-14 Shifter Unit.

Connect the two devices by tapping the [DEVICE] button within the App.


The „searching…“ text indicates that the App is attempting to locate the E-14 Shifter Unit and create the required connection.

All E-14 Shifter Units found, will now be shown in the App. Select your E-14 Shifter Unit by tapping on it.

Tip: If you are having difficulty identifying your own E-14 Shifter Unit from a list of many, switch all other E-Bike transmissions off that are near you. The only unit left listed in the App will be yours.

The E-14 App should now show: Currently installed software version and new software version to be installed!

The software installation will commence upon tapping the [START UPDATE] button.

Important: Do not move Smartphone farther than 2m from the bicycle during this step!

The software update will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and can be aborted at any moment by simply tapping on the [ABORT] button.

The progress bar will indicate the current status of the installation.

The software update is successfully completed when the „finished updating device" text is displayed on the App screen. Tapping the


button will cause you to exit the progress screen and you will automatically return to the start screen of the E-14 App.

The E-Bike transmission should now be switched off. After a period of 10 seconds, switch the E-Bike transmission back on and check to see if the new software has been correctly installed.


Wie erkenne ich die installierte Softwareversion!