Quit and Go - The sudden end & the new start of our bike tour

We'll keep it short: 3 months after our last travel blog we suddenly had to cancel our bike tour. After over a year, 13 months to be exact, almost 10.000km and 9 countries it was over for now. Because no matter how beautiful traveling & exploring by bike may be, life goes on for everyone else and so unfortunately, we found ourselves confronted with two family emergencies at the same time. In 24 hours, we made it from the deepest outback and the highest mountains of Andalusia to the next airport (Malaga) and from there with all our stuff meaning all bike bags and the bikes, to Germany.

Bammmm, there we were. Reality had gotten to us.

This was now almost a year ago.

Coming back "home" was harder, than driving off. It was harder than anything we had to endure up until that point and it became a real mental challenge.

For us "home" is now, after over a year by bike and in a tent, mostly in the middle of nature, mostly absolutely just the two of us- no set place, no rented appartment in Germany, not the home of our parents where we grew up. It had become a feeling, a feeling, that happens, when we wake up in the morning in the tent, smelling the fresh air of the new da, feeling the dew on the gras under our feet, in the middle of nature with which we are connected, excited, what the new day will bring, what we will see & experience, which landscape we'll cycle through & who we will meet doing that. Being full of faith, happiness and peace, even though in the morning we never know where "home" will be by the evening and where we will set up our tent.

A feeling, that we suddenly didn't feel anymore and were desperately looking for. We looked for it by being with our families, we looked for in the first appartment and we looked for it by moving again into a more rural house. After 7 months and moving 3 times, we stopped looking for it where we were and decided to go back where we last felt it. On the way.

The 24th of April 2023 we will get back on the way with our bike, into the unknown, into the adventure, into freedom. We decided to quit everything again. The jobs, the third rented appartment by now (we're not sad about it), stuff, that had inevitably gathered in our appartment. Pushing all that away and getting rid of it again was a feeling, that already came really close to the one that felt like "coming home". Having made the decision, and getting back, what had fulfilled us so much, no matter the cost- felt amazing.

Right now, we're sitting in a chaos, surrounded by old and new equipment in half packed Ortlieb bike bags and are in the last steps of preparing our bike world tour 2.0 - and we can't stop whistling and smiling. 

You are thrilled, which direction we'll start into this time and what route it'll be for now? Here, we discuss possible routes: https://youtu.be/F2abWMMjHwY 

You'd like to know all about what we experienced last year on bike tour along 10.000km and 9 countries? Here's a summary: https://youtu.be/YoJyd00Gp6o

In less than two weeks we'll start from our home town Osnabrück and so there will soon be new content on Instagram and bike tour vlogs on YouTube.

We're happy about everybody that virtually cycles with us:

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