Quit and Go - The first 2000km have been cycled

and we still don’t have enough…

We're now on the way for almost 2 months, the first border is already behind us and still we're currently back home in Germany. How is that possible? No, we were not sent back and no, we also not in quarantine- we were vaccinated! For the vaccination we also accepted a little dingling from Czechia over Pilsen and back to the bavarian border.

Because now everything is possible, we have the full vaccination, the borders are open and the clues are luckily far beneath.

After over 1000km in Germany, from west to north and from north to east, we entered our neighbour Czechia over the elbe cycle path without any problems. The beer was especially good there and even the sun showed up after we struggled with masses of water from above, wind from up ahead and even storms.

We reached our first metrople, Prague, got to know some hospitable warmshower hosts and explored without a bike for the first time on our journey. 

With entering Czechia there were also a lot of altimeters, but we'd rather push our bikes up a 13% rise while sweating and already having a light tan from the sun, than cycling along the flat coast of the North Sea, while it rains, we're wearing thick gloves and down jackets. So as you can read, in two months there was already a wide range of outdoor and bike travelling experiences included for us. And we're excited for every other, that is still ahead of us.

After a short break after the vaccination we instantly went on. This time- how we had already favourited it before corona, the western route over Holland, Belgium, France where we're especially excited for the Atlantic coast, Spain, Portugal, hopefully even to Gibraltar. Having arrived there, we will decide which continent to explore next and how exactly our journey is supposed to go on. We didn't set a destination on purpose, because we actually want to explore and appreciate every country, at least brush the athmosphere and the culture a bit, getting in contact with the people, take our time and let ourselves float through. We don't want to rush through a country, to make many kilometers as fast as possible, to get somewhere else quickly. The path is the goal.

Franz and Fabian from Quit and Go

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