Tandem use of A12, XL and XXL SPEEDHUB units

All A12 hubs and XL/XXL Fatbike hubs now finally authorized for tandem use!

Its taken a while but Rohloff are now extremely pleased to announce that all A12 SPEEDHUB versions and all XL and XXL Fatbike SPEEDHUB versions havefinally passed the various test processes from Velotech and are now all authorized for tandem use.

Tandems are subject to considerably greater loads than regular solo bicycle applications and as such, Rohloff and have spent the past few months testing these units in all manner of riding situation and condition, to be sure that our customers will not be put at risk. The safety of all our customers is our number 1 priority so this has taken a while but as they say "the best things come to those who wait". As such, we are extremely confident that tandem applications can now use all A12, XL and XXL SPEEDHUB models without fear of damaging the units, nor fear for rider safety.

Use of these SPEEDHUB units in a tandem application (excluding PM variants) will remain subject to a few pre-requisites (listed below) but otherwise, the configuration and fitment criteria is identical to that of each equivalent regular SPEEDHUB version. These pre-requisites are:

  1. SPEEDHUB wheel load = max. 150kg
  2. System weight* = max. 250kg
    *rider + bicycle + luggage

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© http://www.rad-und-tour.de