Ralf Kropp 3rd place at 3 Valleys Marathon in Titmaringhausen!

In Titmaringhausen started the 6th run of the NRW Mountain Bike Marathon series. For the first time the little village hosted the race of the Marathon Trophy. Accordingly, the starter field was large.

Ralf Kropp took the middle distance of 63km. From the start on he rode with the followers, which could not reach the leading group around Klaus Reinisch from Focus Rapiro Racing Team. So it was a battle for a top 10 rank. Kropp could gain a formidable 7th place and 3rd place in his age group.

Kropp's upshot: Again the podium, I'm glad about it! It is not long to seasons ending, but there are still some nice races left and my condition is very good at the moment, so I could imagine some more achievements to follow.

Ralf Kropp 3-Täler Marathon