Police on bikes with the latest technology

Press release from Kassel's Police: As soon as the police officers from Kassel's department North start off on patrol, they will be using their new bikes, all of which are equipped with gear-hubs from the company Rohloff from Fuldatal-Ihringshausen in Germany. "These are the quickest gear shifting devices on the market", says company director Dipl. Ing. Bernhard Rohloff whilst handing over the newly equipped bicycles to the police department North.

The bicycles had been provided by police headquaters North Hessen, the SPEEDHUB 500/14 hubs were generously donated by the Fuldatal based German engineering company to the club "citizens and police" in Kassel. "With high quality gear-hubs the bicycle mounted officers are able to shift gears regardless of the situation giving them the edge against other cyclists. With other derailleur based gear changing systems, the recent shifted gear is effective only after a half rotation of the rear wheel," explains founder Bernhard Rohloff. „My officers are glad about the new bikes and this comfortable and secure gear system“, says police chief inspector Thomas Thiel of department North upon delivery of the finished bikes at the premisses of the Rohloff AG in Ihringshausen.

The special quality of the gear hubs and the new gear changing comfort quickly became apparent to both officers Klaus Wiesner and Olaf Peine upon their first test-ride. A short ride around the grounds of the Rohloff AG and the trip back to the police department North was enough to fully convince them both. Superintendent Eckhard Sauer, who precedes over the club "Citizen and Police" in Kassel, is exited about the generous donation. "Cycling in traffic is especially dangerous. All the more important to have an outstanding gear shifting mechanism fitted to the bike, over which you don't have to worry" emphasized the Superintendent. 

Polizei Kassel Nord (Vellmar) mit neuen SPEEDHUB Rädern