IXS Cup Downhill Wildbad - German Masters

At the last run of the IXS Cup, during which the German Masters took place at the same time, the IXS Teams and der Rohloff SPEEDHUB rider came up with good results again.

Unfortunately, Miriam Ruchti was injured that bad during the women licence training lap, she could not start in the final. Nevertheless, the qualification she could play out in her favor despite the crash.

With the licenced men Nick Beer reached a formidable 6th place, while his brother Marcel could likewise secure a good run with place 13. Patrick Meyer made place 15 with the juniors.

In the licenced Master's class Marcel Waldmann gained 5th place, while Carsten Geck was disqualified because of leaving the track. It has to be stated the tape to mark the track had been cut, so that an optical barrier was not existent. Such a thing is irritating apart from asking the question why the track marking tape, in accordance with the regulations, has not been restored again. This is just annoying for any sportsman - definitely, if it happens in a German Masters' run! Some of the officials should think about it.



Apart from that, it has been, as so often during this season, a very successful weekend for the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 riders!

IXS Cup Bad Wildbad /DM 2006