5th place at the German Masters in St. Ingbert

In drizzling rain the riders were sent down the 100km trail. Hopes for better weather conditions were drowned later as harder rain fell and the race track changed into a slippery slide giving participants a really hard time in the downhill section. 

In the first half of the race Ralf Kropp rode in third place with his main competitor Thorsten Damm directly behind him in 4th. Both fought a hard battle for the bronze medal. Unfortunately, Kropp broke a few spokes in his rear wheel due to a crash and just 20km before the finish he was therefore forced to give up the fight for 3rd place.

Extremely exhausted and full of dirt, Kropp finished in 5th place. Moritz Milatz won ahead of Karl Platt in the premium masterclass. Second place in the master's went to Erik H├╝hnlein with Matthias Ball and Thorsten Damm coming in 3th and 4th respectively.


Ralf Kropp, St. Ingbert