13th SKS-Bike-Marathon "Rund um Zierenberg"

The Sunday before for the Rohloff Team there stood the ending race of the three races of the SKS-Rohloff MTB-Nordhessen-Cup on the schedule. With Tanja Nehme, Michael Opper, Marco Morgenstern, Ulf Wahlers, Nico Muschiol, Oliver Hodatsch and up-and coming rider Henrik Umbach on the start.??As the men should be satisfied with good results, Tanja Nehme could win a place on the podium. She showed a good performance over the 35km track and was rewarded with a 3rd place.
Next generation rider Henrik Umbach won 11th place in his age group and gained some good experience for coming-up races. Apart from a tyre defect with Tanja Nehme all other riders had no problems with their bikes.

Name:Track  : Result:
Ralf Kropp53km6th place
Michael Opper53km4th place
Ulf Wahlers53km23rd place
Marco Morgenstern53km16th place
Oliver Hodatsch53km15th place
Nico Muschiol106km4th place
Tanja Nehme37km3rd place
Henrik Umbach37km11. Platz


Rohloff Team
Tanja Nehme