Online sales

A12 SPEEDHUB models are not available online. Only frame kits and complete bicycles are permitted for online sales where the person who has conducted the test, is able to check fitment prior to delivery and thus accept full liability for the correct hardware selection and quality control.

Professional Mounting

Completion of the dropout measurement tests, as well as the later mounting of the SPEEDHUB itself, must be completed by a qualified bicycle workshop, willing to accept full liability for the accuracy of their measurements.

Any mistakes made during the dropout testing stage, can result in damage to the A12 SPEEDHUB axle, or the frame dropouts themselves. In addition, any component failure can, as always, result in possible accidents and injuries to the cyclist.

SPEEDHUB 500/14 A12

SPEEDHUB A12 – Compatible with 12mm thru-axle frames:

The huge selection of different axle designs mean the A12 SPEEDHUB versions may not be compatible with ALL 12mm thru-axle frames.

Current exclusion criteria are:

  • left-hand dropouts does not have a flat inner face against which the SPEEDHUB axleplate can rest (min. 20mm radius from axle center)
  • dropouts with an elongated slot for thru-axle adjustability
  • dropouts thinner than 5mm
  • dropouts thicker than 17.5mm
  • frame spacing other than 142/148/177/197mm
  • axle thread other than M12x1, M12x1.5 or M12x1.75
  • outer face of dropout (around axle) not plan (e.g. ball shaped countersink)

We are unable to supply any SPEEDHUB unit to fit in frames with any of the above listed features.

A12 hubs are compatible with the following 12mm thru-axle standards:

  • DT / Maxle
  • Shimano E-Thru
  • Syntace X12
  • possible combination of the above elements

We offer dealers a SPEEDHUB A12- measurement kit (Art.#8600), via our local distributor or service partner, so they can complete the necessary test and supply exact dropout data. The results of tests will be carefully reviewed and the data logged here for future reference (should replacement hardware ever be required). The measurement kit should be shipped back to the distributor/service partner after confirmation of compatibility.