E-14 Diagnosic Kit

E-14 Diagnosic Kit
E-14 Diagnosic Kit
with 1000 mm connection cable
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Step-by-step instructions for finding a defective E-14 component directly on the eBike by replacing it with the corresponding component from the E-14 Diagnosic Kit.


Description:Article. No.:Amount:
8801Rohloff E-14 Switch Unit1
8802Rohloff E-14 DC/DC CAN Converter1
8803Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit (for diagnostic and cross exchange only, not for re-sale)1
88101000mm Extension Cable (lilac, 6-pole, Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit ⟷ Rohloff E-14 DC/DC CAN Converter)1
88111000mm Extension Cable (blue, 4-pole, Rohloff E-14 DC/DC CAN Converter ⟷ Rohloff E-14 Switch Unit)1
8714Axleplate Screws and Paper Gasket Set1
Original Rohloff E-14 Owners Manual 1