Rohloff Service Kit

Rohloff Service Kit
Rohloff Service Kit
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  •  provides a fast and competent service

  •  avoids waiting periods for the customer

  •  holds order in the workshop

Description:Article. No.: 
8190Rubber grip for twist shifter "light"1
8191Twist shifter cable stoppers 1+14 for twist shifter "light"2
8193TX20 screws and clamp for twist shifter "light"1
8194Cable pulley for twist shifter "light"1
8205Drain screw1
8231Torque Arm screws with washers1
8236Axle-plate Torx screws (6 pcs.)2
8243Chainring spacers (5 units)1
8248Conversion kit Chain Tensioner1
8251Chain Tensioner jockey wheels1
8257Long mounting bolt + Distancing washers for chain tensioner1
8260Cable Guide 0° (straight type) with frame clamp1
8262Pipe Clamps for Art.No. 82401
8263TS Axle nuts (M10 x 1) including washers1
8268Shifter cable set: 2x inner (1.1mm) + housing 1.8m1
8271Hub cables for Internal incl. tubes and ties1
8274Bayonet connectors, 1x male type, 1x female type1
8275Freewheel springs (2 units)1
8295Owners Manual Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/141
8410Oil change kit (with syringe, drain screw and filler hose)1
8504TX20 Torx T-Grip key1
8506Cable hook for shifter cables (internal gear mech)1
8508Sprocket tool 135/142/170/1771
8540Splined Carrier1
8540Splined Carrier with snap ring1
8540sSplined Carrier "slim" with snap ring1
8544Splined Sprocket 16T1
8570Grub screw bayonet connectors1
8573Hub cable Easy Set (from Serial no. 25300)1
8701Empty Box1
8704Cable adjusters for cable box1
8706Washer and circlip for Chain Tensioner1
8707Bolt and circlip for locating fork (long torque arm)1
8709Bayonet springs1
8710Paper gasket kit for axle-ring1
8713Set of hub/shifter cable measuring aids 165 + 200mm1