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Please complete the contact details of the workshop handling this service case, as well as those of the relevant Rohloff distributor (if applicable). A list of current official Rohloff distributors can be found here. Please also ensure your own contact details and the SPEEDHUB details are completed in full.

Please select the reason for returning your SPEEDHUB, in the Service Selection area. Further options will appear, after the initial selection has been made. Please take your time to read and complete all information requested to help us provide smooth, fast and direct processing of your service request.

You will receive a personal ticket number upon completion of the form as well as a confirmation email, with an overview of the data submitted. Please print the overview and include that in the box when shipping your SPEEDHUB to us.

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Oil Loss

Please note that oil loss is not always a technical defect and loss of some oil is actually normal for the type of construction. Oil loss will not have any negative influence upon the correct operation of the transmission and as such, we request that hubs suffering from oil loss, are only shipped to us in the off-season, winter months.

Shifting Issues

Please note

Shifting related issues rarely occur in just one gear. Please check all gears carefully and report exactly which gears are affected. Select the option/pattern below which matches, or is nearest to, the complaint pattern of your SPEEDHUB.

Drive loss directly following a gear shift, can be caused by a failure to uphold the oil change intervals or use in minus temperatures without running a 50/50 mixture of ‚All Season Oil‘ and ‚Cleaning Oil‘ , or by failure to acknowledge the maximum tightening torque of the axle. Link to FAQs

Excessive Freewheel Resistance

Please note

Please check if the issue can be resolved by relieving the over-strained free-floating hub-shell bearing. Take a plastic hammer and hit the sprocket-side axle stub, then the non-drive side stub firmly (see owner’s manual – page 113).

Hub-shell Bearing Play

Please note

Up to 0.5mm of play at the rim is perfectly acceptable for the SPEEDHUB construction as the hub is designed without the usual cone-nuts that lead to accelerated bearing wear. This 0.5mm play is the normal play found between inner and outer races of the hub-shell bearings. The correct method of checking bearing wear/damage is to try and push the hub shell laterally between the two dropouts - this should not be possible.
Hub-shell Damage

Your SPEEDHUB will need to be re-laced after being fitted with a new hub-shell. SPEEDHUBs must be laced using spokes which have a 2.9mm neck. Failure to use these spokes will result in a repeated flange failure! These spokes are not readily available as off-the-shelf products so we advise ordering these to be returned together with your hub.

Spoke Selection
We will return your SPEEDHUB with the following spokes :
Set = 37 units incl. 14mm nipples
E-14 Details
Bosch Components
Error Documentation
Bosch diagnostic report
Other Problems / Further Details
Conversion Selection
Conversion to Disc Brake use
Pre-authorized sum
Please quote a sum up to which we may continue with the required work, without contacting you to obtain authorization (MSRP).
If left blank, we will email a repair quote prior to completing any work, should we need to invoice anything.