Terns new flagship model, the SPEEDHUB equipped GSD R-14-LX now shifts electrically!

The original GSD model from Tern has been turning heads since its introduction back in 2017 - the compact yet functional design has been praised by customers and industry professionals alike. This latest model further solidifies Terns reputation as a specialist for urban mobility, raising the barr further and easing the transition for families and enterprises, towards a more sustainable transportation solution.

The new GSD bikes are certified for up to a total cargo load of 200kg. More than enough to transport two children, an adult or a large number of goods to wherever they need to go. And when you get where you're going, parking and storing the bike is no problem at all as the GSD still remains no longer than a traditional bicycle.

The electric rider support is provided by Bosch's new Cargo-Line motor, providing up to 85Nm of torque and 400% support level.Those who accept nothing but the very best will be more than happy as the GSD R-14-LX is not only SPEEDHUB E-14 and Bosch cargo-line equipped, but also uses the low maintenance Carbon Drive CDX belt transmission and even comes equipped as standard with twin batteries for a range of up to 200km!

If you're looking for a compact, low maintenance e-Cargo bike, the 14, evenly spaced SPEEDHUB gears, covering a huge 526% total range, combined with an 'Auto Downshift' function and one of the smoothest bicycle shifting systems available, make the GSD R-14-LX one bicycle definitely worth checking out - especially for those intending to transport great loads over mountainous terrain!