Spokes in Rohloff Quality

Only spokes with a neck length of 2.9mm and produced with a high quality, burr-free head are suitable for use with the SPEEDHUB 500/14 hub flange and thus able to ensure a long-lasting and strong wheel-build. The spokes supplied to local bicycle workshops as ‘standard’ nowadays, will have a neck length much shorter than this required dimension. The special spokes supplied by Rohloff are of the highest standard and produced to our exact specifications to ensure prolonged SPEEDHUB enjoyment. Simply inform your local Rohloff dealer of the rim ERD value and they will be able to calculate the correct length DB 2.0/1.8/2.0 spokes. Inform them of your preferred color as well (black or silver), and they will be able to supply these together with your SPEEDHUB when placing your order.

Why can’t my dealer source these spokes through their regular channels?
Spoke manufacturers have over the past few years, reduced the neck length of the spokes that they supply as ‚Standard‘ to the aftermarket. This has lead to compatibility issues with sustainable products such as the SPEEDHUB. We do not wish to follow the trend, becoming a disposable product due to a design change that may risk us losing this sustainability. As such, a decision has been made to provide the market ourselves, with high quality spokes of the correct specification.

How can I calculate the correct spoke length?
The table shown in this link will show which spoke length is required for which rim ERD value. This table gives results for both 32 and 36 spoke SPEEDHUB units.

A similar table is available here for Fatbike spoke lengths.

Where can I order these spokes?
These spokes are available from us directly via your local bicycle dealer and/or official Rohloff distributor.