Racing steel 853 Rohloff Speedster Gates Carbondrive - Get Fast 2023

„One Bike for Life“ – one couldn't word it better.

The Racing steel 853 Rohloff Gravel has a maximum wide range of uses – fast roads and terrain use, long distance travel bike, and sport vehicle all in one. The option is between wide 650B or thin 28″ impellers. The implementation on one of a split like this was connected to a row of technical adjustments: For example, the sliding dropout for tensioning the belt drive has been adapted to the modern Flatmount standard. This way actual shift brake lever units can be montated like in racing bikes, which just fits for Gravel handlebars. Racing steel adjusts the shifters to the customer's wishes, so that it can either be downshifted on the left and upshifted on the right or vice versa. This way not only a clean appearence is possible but also ergonomic switching of the 14 evenly spaced gears. To switch gears, you no longer need to change your grip on the usual twist grip. Shift and brake levers are ergonomically perfect in your hand. The slightly flared handlebar provides more control in terrain. This bike is designed for durability in all aspects. The steel frame has a cathodic dip coatin by which he is protected internally and on the outside from corrosion. Thanks to the standard belt drive, the bike impresses with minimal maintenance and a long service life - ideal for daily commuting to work in any weather. The in-house luggage rack consequently also allows an internal, well-protected light cable routing and allows the bike a payload of up to 165kg. The extra-long lamp holder from Falkenjagd ensures a perfect light image without shadows, even when the lowrider is mounted.