Ralf Kropp takes 1st place at this years BIKE-Festival in Willingen

Last weekend saw the return of one of the largest mountain-bike events in the European calender as part of the 'BIKE-Festival in Willingen/Sauerland (Germany). Over 1500 Mountain-bikers from all around Europe pitched up to battle it out in the XC marathon event. 3 marathon courses were available to choose from - a short course of 52km, mid length course of 95km and a long course stretching over 121km.

Team Santos-Rohloff were represented as every year and both Nico Muschiol and Ralf Kropp started alongside Ulf Wahlers and Michael Opper. Ralf Kropp chose the short course whereas Nico Muschiol committed himself to all that the long course could throw at him!

Ralf had a great day and went home with a 1st place finish in the Senior Master category for the 95km course. Nico Muschiol fought hard and ended a respectable 14th place in the main mens class for the long course distance.

Impressions from Kropp:
"I felt it went spectacularly. The comfortable temperatures helped me to quickly find my pace allowing me to get down to the business of overtaking my competition. My Santos 29er performed flawlessly and as far as I'm concerned it can stay like that ... bring it on! ;-)“


Impressions from Muschiol: "Willingen 2013 was somewhat different to previous years:- No rain, comfortable temperatures and a dry course ... something was bound to go wrong. It didn't though. The whole event went like clockwork, everything worked out for me and I managed to keep my pace over the whole distance. The 14th place finish is a real confidence booster going into the next race"



Santos Rohloff Team - Bike Festival in Willingen