Product News 2017 - Eurobike 2016

Rohloff will be presenting the worlds first 12mm thru-axle frame compatible IGH at this years (2016) Eurobike Show.

Use of specially tested connecting unions enables the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 A12 models to be bolted into 12mm X12-Syntace, Shimano e-thru and DT-Maxle compatible frames. This option opens the doors to many SPEEDHUB enthusiasts that have unfortunately had to forgo the use of the SPEEDHUB transmission in their new frames thru-axle frames. Versions will be available for frames constructed with a 142mm, 177mm or 197mm spacing. We regret that converting existing hubs to this new A12 axle will not be offered as an option.


A further new product for 2016 will be a clean torque anchoring solution for frames using the Postmount brake standard. This is achieved through the use of the ’RohloffPM-Bone’ (135mm, 142mm, 170mm, 177mm) or ‘Rohloff FAT-Bone’ (190mm, 197mm) and corresponding PM-axleplate. These two components will together ensure the SPEEDHUB transmission remains a possible upgrade for the majority of frames currently available.


In addition to these new products, the renowned SPEEDHUB 500/14 has been subject to further development. A new sprocket adapter, the 'Rohloff Splined-Carrier', will become available as of 2016. This carrier will convert the existing driver to accept new splined sprockets which will ease sprocket replacement in the future. Gone are the days of having to carry special or heavy tools – instead a simply flat-head screwdriver/trail tool is all that is needed to prise the circlip off and remove the worn sprocket. Fewer tools and thus less weight to carry will definitely appeal to the large number of touring and bike packing customers already using a SPEEDHUB 500/14. The cheaper replacement sprockets (13T - 19T + 21T) will no doubt appeal to all other SPEEDHUB users.

The current threaded sprockets (13T, 15T, 16T, 17T) will still be usable instead of the splined carrier system should one with to continue using their existing stock.


Min. transmission factor for solo cyclists under 100kg = 1.9

Min. transmission factor for tandems or cyclists over 100kg = 2.5



Further technical details and diagrams can be found on our homepage

The initial presentation of these components is scheduled for Eurobike 2015 at our booth (Hall A2/Booth 314).

Components will be available as of March 2016 ready to equip bikes for the new season.