IXS Cup Downhill Total Ranking GER-CH

Results of the First International Downhill Race Series

IXS Cup Downhill Total Ranking GER-CH 2006

Here the IXS-Rohloff Team gained no less than 6 places on the podium of which the winners are in following catagories:


  • Licence men: Nick Beer
  • Licence women: Miriam Ruchti
  • Licence Master: Marcel Waldmann
  • Hobby Juniors: Janick Lieberherr

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Licence Men:

  • Marcel Beer, 2nd place
  • Ueli Guntli, 13th place
  • Hengartner Stefan 42th place


Licence women

  • Silja Stadler, 3rd place

Licence Juniors:

  • Patrick Meyer 7th place

From the Rohloff point of view, the grand result Rohloff Product Manager (Carsten Geck) rounded up personally with a 3rd place with the licenced Masters.

Thus, of alltogether 10 SPEEDHUB 500/14 riders reached:

  • 7 riders a place on the podium, which equals a quote of 70%
  • 4 riders in top positions
  • 1 rider second place and 2 riders each place 3

This result is unique, and taken as a total outcome is to be understood as a sign of the good co-operation between both companies Intercycle, Swiss (IXS) and Rohloff AG, Germany. Here, we would like to thank all our riders for their outstanding performances. Not to forget the coaches, all the mechanics, team leaders etc., as well as sponsors and everybody who acted backstage, but had definitely some part in this success.

Let us enjoy the moment of glory and let us hope to maintain our good results in 2007 as well.


The total ranking list of the IXS Downhillcup GER-CH can be viewed now in its latest version under ixsdownhillcup.de.