Experience yourself and the world - Scheibenelefant

Get your bikes ready and accompany Antje and Francisco on their exciting bike tours through the world! These enthused cyclers from Schleswig-Holstein have already spent more than two decades, exploring the most beautiful places and landscapes during their expedition and had some adventures along the way. 

From the Via-Claudia-Augusta in south europe, the Rhine up to its estuary in the Netherlands, through Swedens forests or along the german baltic see coast to Poland, they got to know new places and cultures and enjoyed the freedom on two wheels.

The bike tour project "Scheibenelefant" is their call to everyone, to explore the world by bike and to go on adventures. Even though they have responsibility for their family and jobs, they found a pragmatic solution and devided their journey into different stages. Every stage they got to know new cultures, countries and people and challenged themselves.

In the year 2022 they mastered their first stage from L├╝beck to Munich and in 2023 they'll go on their second stage from Munich to Zagreb. But not only do they live their passion for cycling on their journey - also in their everyday life and they're reguarly on the way on solo and pair tours and always explore new places and landscapes.

This year you can accompany Antje und Francicso on their bikes along Denmarks north sea coast and through the Normandy. They will take you with them on their journeys with lots of passion and enthusiasm for cycling and prove, that a bike can not only a vehicle, but also a wonderful companion for unforgettable experiences and impressions.

Accompany them on their weekend bike tour and let their stories and experiences inspire you, to go on your own adventures on two wheels. So get your bikes out and pedal to explore the world together with Antje and Francisco!