E-Traction – The Trip 2 Riders - 6 Continents - 8 Wheels

E-Traction - The Trip is the new Pedelec Adventure by Susanne Brüsch ("Lady Pedelec") and "Elefantino Captain" Silvio Züllig. Susanne has worked in e-bikes for over 20 years and has been a pioneer in e-bike travel for the past 10 years. Silvio was on the road by motorcycle for decades and has now switched to e-bike and expedition truck. In 2019, the two-wheel-proven duo teamed up to embark on the biggest journey of their lives: Around the world on 8 wheels – 2 e-bikes and their 4WD motorhome "Elefantino". On board of the bikes – the Rohloff Speedhub E-14.

More info:
https://www.etraction-thetrip.com   or   https://www.pedelec-adventures.com

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