"Discover Kamtchatka" a book in German from the Mountainbike Expedition Team

To the bears and volcanos in the north-east of Sibiria

Half a turn of the Earth and 11 time zones away from middle Europe one of the most interesting wildernesses of the Earth lies in the north-east of Siberia: the half peninsula Kamchatka. It contains a unique abundance of animals, plants and ecosystems. This travel-guide (in German language) helps all tourists and scientists with their travel preparations, whoever dare to undertake the adventure Kamchatka. A special focus lies on the environment-friendly trekking-tourism.


The two world bike-travelers Waltraud Schulze und Andreas von Heßberg have undertaken many a tour in far out secluded areas of the globe. For years they rely during their tours on Rohloff products like the SPEEDHUB 500/14 gear hub or the chain S-L-T 99.


Shortly their newest book (400 pages) will be released which describes their recent tour (5500 kilometer) from Kashgar to Tibet (Dequen).


Mountain-bike Expeditions Team

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Kamtschatka endecken- Andreas von Heßberg