Bike Transalp 2017

After the tour in 2015 Ralf Kropp of Santos Rohloff Team is starting now for the second time. His team partner Marcus Richter, who successfully rode the Cape Epic with Ralf together, could not take part at the Transalp this year because of occupational reasons.  The search for a new team partner was very complicated. The team was looking for someone, who is similar strong as Ralf and will at least reach, adding his age, the Grand Master’s evaluation. After many requests, a partner finally was found. Now it was time to book hotels, and to plan a common race configuration. They met at marathon races to get to know each other, to fathom strengths and weaknesses.

The mutual weekend was already planned, but then came bad news: Team partner loss again due to a virus infection. Three weeks before the race, a new partner search started. Some were interested, but one can’t decide yet, the next one is financially not strong enough or rather tries new professional ways. An apparently good new partner had to cancel the tour because he didn’t get the necessary days off. But just 5 days before the race starts a turn of events suddenly happens. A rider of a befriended team can’t start either, due to a sudden injury. Therefore, the new partner for the team, Patrick Gall, is finally found.

Everything has to be rearranged. They don’t know each other very well, but anticipation for the Transalp rises. These were the last races of Ralf to build up endurance and speed durability:

- Keilerbike Marathon: AK 3rd place
- Canyon Rhein Hunsrück Marathon: AK 5th place
- Allersheimer Bikemarathon: AK 1st place, in total 2nd place
- DM Street in Görliz: 25th place

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