5th Gruibinger Albtrauf-Marathon

The Deutsche Meisterschaft MTB Alptrauf-Marathon took place in the long version. It was raining buckets and the racetrack was muddy accordingly. Only on Sunday 9a.m. it stopped raining. But the wetness came from underneath, then. The stones of the Alps were slippery, too. So they made it hard for the riders to come through the race without falling from their bikes.

Some passages were too hard to drive even for professional riders. The muddy tires lost their grip, just spun on the wet trails, and didn’t move forward anymore. Ralf Kropp of MiTech Rohloff Team came in with a good 13th place with the Master 2/3/4.
Ralf Kropp’s conclusion: One says ” New Brooms sweep clean“.
This is very true for my new bike. The elegant Mi-Tech carbon frame is not only an eye-catcher, but it’s less weight is a class for it’s own. The german: A suspension fork takes every bump bravely and it wins over due to its less weight. The same stays for the Tune components, they add to the super total weight, as well. The track conditions were good for me, because with a Rohloff I was definitely in advance to others, who had to cope with failures on the road. With a Rohloff no one  needs to worry at all.




Gruibinger Albtrauf-Marathon
Mi:Tech Tyke Ro EX Carbon 29"

Mi:Tech Tyke Ro EX Carbon 29"