526% Reliability

The Rohloff SPEEDHUB enthuses cyclists across a vast spectrum of disciplines. The current move towards E-bike technology is no different. A SPEEDHUB / E-bike combination is surely one of the most efficient methods of transportation available.

Profit from the near perfect weight distribution, the even gear increments and a working efficiency greater than all other bicycle gear transmissions. And let’s not forget the huge overall gear ratio, low maintenance and extreme durability – even our pre-production SPEEDHUBs remain in full working order! No other bicycle transmission has to date proved itself capable of achieving such high mileages. It’s no wonder that touring cyclists place their faith in SPEEDHUB technology time and time again. Whereever you are around globe, why not trust the most reliable bicycle drivetrain available to ensure you cover every mile with a smile.

Ultimately a dream combination. Sport and SPEEDHUB. The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 units have been mounted in winner’s bikes across a huge variety of disciplines. Countless MTB riders stepped onto the podium thanks to the reliability of their SPEEDHUB transmission.  National and International podiums alike. SPEEDHUB equipped fatbikes, MTB’s and tandems and seen success after success and that’s true as well for record breaking recumbents as well as downhill bikes, cargo bikes and velotaxis thanks to Rohloff quality and ability of the SPEEDHUB to cope with such enormous torque loads.

Lets not forget the role the SPEEDHUB plays in rehabilitation either – an area of cyclesport where functionality and dependability are equally crucial.



Dream team pairing a mid-motor with SPEEDHUB



Touring bikes

Ideal for globetrotters



Professional bikes

Incredibly reliable - perfect for setting records



Recreational bikes

Huge gear ratio range for daily use


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