German DH-Championship 2001

At the German DH-Masters Competition in Bald Wildbad on 8./9. September 2001 Christiane Rumpf has won with an outreaching performance the German Master title for the first time. On the slippery surface of the road wich has been drenched from endlessly falling rain she was able to convince on the difficult race track using her long time experience.

The Rohloff Speedhub-rider won a soverein race with a competitive egde of 10sec.

This good result was added up by Carsten Geck who won a nice 7th place at the German Masters. With this both Speedhub riders were able to achieve top results again during the season.

The Rohloff Company congratulates to the German Master title which crowns a nearly three year's successful co-operation with first class athletes.

Congratulations Christiane!

Christiane Rumpf