Cape Epic: Stage 4. Time Trials and a quiet day in the saddle!

Diary from Michael Opper and Ralf Kropp: 31.03.2011

Finally we were allowed a little longer in bed...well, until 07:00am anyway. We had the whole morning to relax and recoup some energy as we were not scheduled for our Time Trial run until 12:31pm. We set off to the start extremely relaxed and feeling goo. The perfect mental condition for such a stage.


After 2 Kilometers the first long uphill commenced after which several small descents and ascents were to follow - some steeper than others. The stage then finally became really technical towards the end - which suited Michael extremely well.

In total the days racing was very relaxed and we managed the 32 kilometer stage over 800m altitude in a time of 1:33:42.7 hours which brought us up into 16th place. We were now comfortably in 20th Place overall with a total time of 21:34:59.1 hours.


We have both now received an excellent massage and feel completely regenerated for tomorrows stage:- A 143km long course over a total of 2350m altitude.


Ralf and Michael

Ralf Kropp und Michael Opper