Revolver 3

Revolver 3
...universal chain riveting tool.
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Due to the many different closure systems being used, it has to date been necessary to for a workshop to have a selection of different chain breaking tools at disposal.

The 'Rohloff Revolver 3' is one tool which completes all the various operations required. Now, for the first time it is possible to correctly join, split or rivet all derailleur chains (even 11-/12-speed) as well as singlespeed chains (1/2” x 1/8”).

The modern lightweight chains tend to be constructed from thinner metal plates and without protruding pins, for this reason it is increasingly important to work correctly and with 100% precision when opening or closing a bicycle chain. Using high quality, hardened materials and carbide where necessary, the Rohloff Revolver 3 is a professional tool designed for a long workshop life


For these reasons, it is imperative that a professional chain tool such as the 'Rohloff REVOLVER 3' is used. Easy to handle, precise to set-up and safe to use - the 'Rohloff REVOLVER 3' ensures that each chain is correctly opened and joined as well as offering the ability to actually rivet all commonly available bicycle chains.

When riding athletically or competing in events, you can be safe in the knowledge that your precision bicycle chain will not let you down when it has been correctly worked on with the new 'Rohloff Revolver 3' Professional Chain tool.