Journey to the TransAlp

10:00am this morning was to be the start of a long journey towards the Alps. Both team „Santos-Rohloff“ TransAlp teams lset off in pursuit of victory.

All team members were lucky enough to have friends local to the area with whom they could reside. The Alpine views draped in light mist and sunshine acted as a well accepted apology for the terrible rain and traffic jams suffered en-route. The day ended with a healthy meal and a relaxing evening in mental preparation for teh upcoming challenge.

The general atmosphere is relaxed and happy even though the anxiety over the first stage is felt in every team member.

Tomorrows stage takes the athletes from Oberammergau toImst on a route which will cover 97 km and 2206 meters of altitude. The Roadbook uses the word 'selective' when describing the day of ascent to Marienbergjoch. Needless to say we will remain very curious!

Santos-Rohloff Team - TransAlp