Introducing our new US Service Partner - Propel

2022 marks Rohloffs 36th anniversary and 26 years of SPEEDHUB production. Our flagship product, the SPEEDHUB 500/14 may be 26 years old, a testament to the durability and foresight of design, but that doesn't mean the construction hasn't evolved.
2017 marked a milestone in SPEEDHUB development with the introduction of the E-14 electronic shifting mechanism. It is now possible to add the worlds most durable, multi-speed bicycle transmission as a fully integrated part of a Bosch equipped ebike. The future seems most definitely electric, so who better to join our US Service team than renowned eBike specialist 'Propel'.

Rohloff wish to take this opportunity to welcome Propel to the team. They will be joining Peter White Cycles as of Q2 2022, to complete our US Service Team, bringing a wealth of eBike knowledge to the table and providing both east and west coast servicing at their Los Angeles and Brooklyn facilities.

Propel founder and eBike Guru Chris says "There are few companies up to the task of producing a reliable and low maintenance eBike transmission, but Rohloff comes through in spades. It's become one of our more popular transmissions and we're excited to be able to increase the service level and experience in the US."

Contact details of Propel, Peter White Cycles, and all our official global Distributors and Service Partners, can be found on our website at the link below:

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