THE BIG JOURNEY - Magunk (Part 1)

We are Enikő and Balázs; we live in Budapest close to Gellért-hill. We both moved from the countryside to the capital because of work; Enikő comes from the Danube bend, Balázs from Somogy county. Although we think that city-life promises many advantages and possibilities, we would like to be back in the calmer, more balanced country life.
Sport has always played an important role in both of our lives. Enikő trained as an athlete at school, in the past few years she started running, cycling and hiking. Balázs was a member of a folk dance group and used to roller-skate at the secondary school. He is not keen on running at all, but he is a whale of cycling and hiking. When we got time, we like climbing in- or outdoor.

We are both kind of spiritual, harmony is important for us in our life and in our relationship. We think that the family is the most important link in life. We love children, and we believe that you can't educate your child only with words. Setting an example that shapes the people who your children are going to be.

We've always been close to nature for a very early age. We do everything we can and possible in order to leave the smaller enviromental footprint. We would like to base our future life on eco-conscious philosophy. That is the reason why we choose bicycle or public transportation in the everyday life, and why we've chosen cycling for our journey. We are travelling human scale, causing less harm to our environment.

Together, hand in hand we go and see the world! We are going to there for each other, when it is difficult and when it is fun!
That's Enikő and Balázs.



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