Pia and I are two filmmakers, who in recent years have been combining our filmmaking with long distance bicycle journeys. I rode from Germany to Japan in 2012. During my journey I made a series of short documentary films, documenting my experiences, the places I passed through and the generous hospitable people who made the journey such a life-changing experience.

We cycled together as a couple in 2016 from the south of Argentina to Cusco in Peru, using Rotor Komet bikes with Rohloff Speedhubs. We couldn’t have hoped for a better setup. The roads were tough and did everything they could to test our equipment, which proved to be very capable, and gave us no problems at all.

During our incredible journey we made a series of six short travel films capturing our experiences riding through South America’s epic landscapes, with a focus on the locals we met along the way. We interviewed a baker, a farmer, an artisan, a salt-worker and a woman building a house out of adobe (a mixture of mud and clay). The series is called Remote Encounters and can be seen on our blog

We also produced three pure adventure films about our first excursions into bike-packing, and are preparing a 15 minute documentary for film festivals, about our challenging journey across the South West of Bolivia, to the Salar de Uyuni.