The Elwood

Vélo The Elwood
Constructeurs Renovo [USA]
Site Internet
City Bike, Kettenspanner, Scheibenbremse
Dernière mise à jour 22.03.2013

Ok, it’s true; the Elwood is named after our shop dog, Elwood. But only because it's as fun and talented as our poodle. Our hybrid is based on a road bike, not mountain. With disc brakes, 35c tires, rack mounts and room for full fenders, the Elwood offers the freedom to get off the asphalt, float over mean streets, carry a heavy load and stop on a dime even in the rain. Commute, tour, explore; heck, some folks even race these things in the mud! Have a century coming up and fat tires won’t get it? Just mount 25c tires on the existing rims and you’ve got a great long distance road bike with superior brakes.