Vélo Racerandonneur
Constructeurs Avaghon (NL)
Site Internet www.avaghon.nl
Rennrad / Randonneur /Gravelbike, Verschiebbares Ausfallende
Dernière mise à jour 27.12.2011

Especially for longer excursions the correct seatingposition is very important. With the frame as heart of the bike, this Avaghon racingbike is for example mounted with the 14-gear Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 and a split racingbar to mount the Rohloff shifter. This frame is designed to fit small mudguards, a Tubus Fly carrier, long-arm 57 mm racingbrakes for tyres from 20-28 mm. Also to be built as a pure racingbike with Columbus Life steel tubes and carbon fork; everything as you wish.


Every person is unique. This also applies Avaghon tailormade bicycles. Each Avaghon has been exactly designed for the bicycler and the aim for which the bike will be used.


The frame is standard built with lightweight double-butted chromium molybdeen/ nivachrom steel tubes and microfusion lugs. The advantage of "classical" steel is that the bicycle passes on less from the pavement and as a result it drives more comfortably than a bicycle with an aluminium frame.