Vélo R11
Constructeurs Optibike
Site Internet optibike.com
Scheibenbremse, Kettenspanner, MTB, Pedelec / E-Bike, Bikesuche, Radkategorie
Dernière mise à jour 01.01.2017

The 48 volt system in the R11 accelerates faster with a wider power band, letting the rider attain speeds of up to 33 MPH. The R11 electric bike has 1100 watts of continuous power and peak power of over 2000 watts. This is the e-bike that holds the record for the 24.5 mile ascent up Pikes Peak and is used by Pro Cyclists in motor pacing. The R11 is always up to the challenge.

The amazing part of the R11 is that it can out climb hub motor bikes claiming to have over 4,000 watts of power! The secret is in the patented Motorized Bottom Bracket (MBB), the MBB lets you climb any hill without overheating the motor.

The R11 is built for performance at every turn and will wheelie in the first 6 gears. Only the best components are used. The Optibike R11 delivers when other electric bikes stop running. You will not be left behind on the R11.

In addition to winning Pikes Peak, the R11 is used as a pace bike in Velodromes with international cycling stars. The power, agility and range of the Optibike make it ideal for this close track racing. The R11 has proven itself capable of being in front of even Tour de France winners. It has the power and speed needed. Competition bred through and through.