Helios Aurora

Vélo Helios Aurora
Constructeurs Circe Cycles [UK]
Site Internet www.circecycles.com
Tandem, Scheibenbremse
Dernière mise à jour 14.03.2013

The Aurora is the ulitimate Helios. It features the remarkable Rohloff 14sp hub gear, and a spec optimised for heavy duty touring or sports use.



With the Helios, we wanted to design a bike that would handle and perform at the highest level, easily fit a wide range of different size people, yet be compact for easy storage and transportation. In itself a challenging design brief, but we also wanted the Helios to transport families and their luggage or shopping!



By using the commonly available ISO 406 (20") wheelsize we were able to design a compact, light, yet stiff and strong frame with exceptionally low step over height - low enough at the back for even a very small child, but with the telescoping seat post, variable size geometry and very adjustable rear handlebar, also able to accommodate a 6ft adult. The front end also fits a wide range of different size people, with riders from 4'10" up to 6'5" having 'captained' the Helios.


The benefits

To facilitate storage and transportation, we have used a detachable steerer extender/handlebar and recommend detachable pedals, which in combination with the exceptionally compact frame, mean that the Helios can be transported in medium size hatchback style cars and stored in small, narrow spaces. To complete our design brief, 'transporting families and luggage', the Helios has a dedicated rack that replaces the rear seat and can take two child seats or multiple bags. It can also take conventional racks and panniers and has a fitting at the front for attaching various different head tube mounted luggage systems. Truly the 'bike for all reasons', the Helios is a remarkably versatile bicycle. Whether doing the school run, a fast sportif, touring in far-off places or doing the weekly shop, the Helios has the answer.