Vélo ECR
Constructeurs Surly Bikes
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Frein à disque, Tous, 29er / 650B, Vélo de voyage / Gravel, Cadres
Dernière mise à jour 23.09.2014

Gebaut aus 4130 CroMo-Stahl ist der ECR als Multi-Terrain Offroad-Bike konzipiert.


Das ECR benötigt folgende SPEEDHUB:

TS DB OEM2 SPEEDHUB + spezielle 4-Loch Bremsscheibe + Speichen mit 2,9 mm Speichenbogen.


Die Schraube der OEM2-Achsplatte wird wie oben dargestellt im zusätzlichen horizontalen Ausfallende positioniert.



2017+ World Troller Modelle benötigen zusätzlich die Surly '10 / 12 Unterlegscheiben ', um ihr 145mm' Not-Boost' Ausfallenden wieder auf 135x10mm Standard zu bringen.



Built of 4130 CroMoly steel, the ECR is designed as a multi-terrain offroad bike. The frame feature gusseted sloping toptubes, Surly Trip Guides for running full shift and brake housing, mounts for linear-pull and disc brakes plus ample room between the stays for high-volume rubber…up to 3"!


The ECR’s…rear load horizontals feature a derailleur hanger, slotted disc brake mounts, M10 x 1mm threaded holes for mounting the Surly Bill & Ted trailer via connecting hardware (or B.O.B. Nutz), and a dedicated anchoring point for a Rohloff OEM2 axleplate. Surly designed a ton of versatility into these framesets because they wanted you to build a bike the way it will best serve you. Framesets available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and supergiant XXL.


The ECR requires:

TS DB OEM2 SPEEDHUB + special 4-bolt brake rotor + spokes with a 2.9mm neck length.


The OEM2 anchoring bolt is positioned in the additional horizontal dropout slot as illustrated above.



2017+ ECR models will in addition, require the Surly '10/12 washers' to convert their 145mm 'Not-Boost' dropout system back to 135x10mm standard.