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Sprocket remover tool

Rohloff Ritzelabzieher

The various threaded sprockets of the ROHLOFF 500/14 are secured to the aluminium driver with a six start thread. The four teeth of the remover tool connect with the seats on the driver head. Together with a chain-whip the sprocket can now be removed.

To remove a Rohloff sprocket with a chain whip, the driver must be held firm. To serve this purpose, the Rohloff sprocket remover tool (actually an arrester) can be held with a SW24 open-ended wrench.


Secure the threaded sprocket with the quick release skewer / axle nut to prevent the tool from slipping. Turn the sprocket with the chain whip in an anti-clockwise direction using a dynamic backward movement. Loosen and unscrew from the hub shell. Clean and check for damage or wear. Grease the threads regardless of reversing or replacing, reassemble and tighten in gear number 14.


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