spoke bend lenght 2,9mm

The flange of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 has a PCD of 100mm with 2.7mm diameter spoke holes regardless of whether the SPEEDHUB in question is a 32 or 36 spoke version for spoke bend lenght 2.9mm. The spoke sizes needed to build a 26" wheel are normally quite difficult to find in the average bike shop. For this reason silver Sapim Race spokes (2.0/1.8/2.0mm) are available from Rohloff in even lengths from 228mm to 244mm. The most common spoke length of 238mm is also available in black. Due to the symmetrical hub flanges the spokes are the same length on both sides of the wheel.


Once you have measured your ERD value, you can use the spoke calculator below to find the correct spoke length.

32-/36-spokehole (135mm, 142mm) ERD-spoke length Download

Fatbike (170, 177, 190, 197mm) 32-spokehole ERD-spoke length Download


The spokes themselves play a major role in determining the stability of the overall wheel. Because of this quality spokes from known manufacturers should be used exlcusively. Double butted spokes are good examples.

Please note:
Lacing a SPEEDHUB with extra thick 2.3mm spokes is not permitted. Doing so may well result in hub shell warranty loss!

When applying great loads on the wheel (pannier bags, tandem use, extreme use), the spokes should be used together with self-locking spoke nipples (lock nipples) during the wheel-building process. The use of such nipples greatly reduces the risk of spokes loosening during the ride. Only spoke nipples with rounded heads (Sapim Polymax or DT swiss Prohead) should be used when lacing rims without reinforced nipple holes, this helps spreads the pressure from the nipple evenly across the nipple hole of the rim.


2.9mm spoke bend lenght
check 2.9mm spoke bend lenght

To lace wheelsizes of 26" you will need special spoke lengths (from 228mm to 244mm) with a spoke bend/neck length of 2.9mm. If you can inform us as to the ERD value of your rim, we will be able to calculate the correct spokes for you. 28" rims can use spoke lengths (DD 2,0/1,8/2,0 mm) found commonly in all good bicycle shops (260mm and longer).

A Table of common rim ERD Values can be used to determine the correct spoke length (DD 2,0/1,8/2,0 mm) for the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14.


Spoke Flange Support Rings -  Especially suited to heavily laden Touring bikes, Tandem and Cargo bikes. Should always be fitted when re-lacing a wheel following a flange failure.




26" wheel DD 2,0/1,8/2,0mm Spokes can be ordered under the following Article numbers:

32/36 Loch- Spokehole - Speichenlänge  - Spokelenght - SPEEDHUB 135mm/142mm
32 Loch/Spokehole - 26"/650B - Speichenlänge - Spokelength - SPEEDHUB Fatbike 170/177/190/197mm