Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14

The possibilities of an alternative gear system had been thought over by Rohloff for a long time. All advantages of the derailleur system (low weight, high working efficiency, large range of gears, etc.) were retained whereas the known disadvantages (high maintenance, low level of dirt resistance, short wear, etc.) were excluded.


As a result of plenty of years investigation and designing, the high performance gearhub with 14 gears was ready for testing at the end of 1996. After intensive research and development, the production could start in 1999. Since then, thousands of gear hubs have left the production line every year and at the end of 2002, there were approx. 20,000 SPEEDHUB 500/14´s in use worldwide.


Professional and hobby riders know and like the substantial properties: High reliability, easy use, optimal gear increases, wide range of gears, easy maintenance, quick gear shifting, low weight and high working efficiency. Our SPEEDHUB 500/14 leaves no riders' wish unfulfilled.


Close to the technology of the car industry, the fully encapsulated gear mechanism runs within an oil bath to guarantee a long life for the hub even under extreme riding conditions.


The engagement of the gears is controlled within the hub itself and so it runs adjustment and maintenance free. The even gear increases of 13.6% ensure that the rider can always ride to his/her optimum performance. The large overall range of gears (526%) ensures that there is always the correct gear available for every type of riding situation. Pure cycling fun is guaranteed!

All further information about the technical details you will find in our CD "Tour de Hub"