Rohloff has been manufacturing the S-L-T 99 chain since 1988-2010. Until now it has been successfully used for the Tour de France and World Championship bike races. Although production of this legendary chain ceased a few years ago, many still consider the S-L-T 99 amongst the finest bicycle chains ever produced.


  1. Pin
  2. Roller link plate with 'integral bushings'
  3. Land
  4. Collar
  5. Pin link plate
  6. Land
  7. Roller


Technical Data:

  • Material: Link plate: High tension carbon steel, nickel-plated
  • Pin: Stainless steel, chrome-carbide plated
  • Roller: High tension carbon steel, chrome-carbide plated, type: 1/2" x 3/32", super narrow Length: Street 114 links, ATB 116 links, Trial 110 links
  • Width: Street 9-speed 6.8mm, ATB SH and Street 8-speed 7.1mm, Trial 7,1mm
  • Weight: Street 9-speed 278g/100 links, ATB and Road 8-speed 290g/100 links, Trial 290g/100 links
  • Support of tension: >11.000N (=1100kg)
  • Limit of elasticity: >7.000N (=700kg)
  • Side to side flexibility: 2° per link
  • Maximum torsion: < 90° per Meter
  • Retention force of pin: Road 9-speed: >2.500N (=250kg), Road 8-speed and ATB: >3.000N (=300kg), Trial: >3.500N (=350kg)


(Patent No. US 5,140,806 and EP 0396701)

The special feature of this technology lies in the trichoide form of the integral bushings on the pin link plates which can basically be described as a regular triangle with curved sides. In contrast to the contact area of conventional chains stressed in a straight line, here the rollers (Bild IIA) and the pins (Bild IIB) rest against the integral bushings over a surface area of 120 degrees in the direction of the force. Therefore, the maximum force of pressure is only a fraction in comparison with other chains, increasing the durability of the Rohloff S-L-T 99 substantially.


On the opposite side, there is enough space created between pin and integral bushing to allow the pin to move up to 2 degrees sideways (Bild IIB). Because of specially formed pin link plates (the ones with the Rohloff logo) the maximum torsional deflection is limited to 90 degrees per meter.

This sideways flexibility guarantees very quick and precise gear shifting with all systems, especially IG, Hyperglide, Superglide, MicroDrive and CompactDrive. Thanks to the large contact area of the rollers and pins, the construction is extremely robust with minimal distortion or flattening under heavy load. Unlike conventional chains which can stretch up to 1/10mm per link under heavy load, the Rohloff S-L-T 99 keeps its pitch virtually constant.

This reduces the wear of the sprockets and chain rings is which is particularly important for expensive light alloy sprockets and IG, Hyperglide, Superglide, MicroDrive and CompactDrive cassettes.


In Pursuit of the Highest Quality

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 The Rohloff S-L-T 99 was produced in Germany using only the best materials by a dedicated team of bike enthusiasts. The stainless steel pins and the rollers are plated with an extremely hard chrome-carbide coating to withstand the greatest strain. In order to maintain a constant thickness and to assure a smooth, even sidewall, the rollers are rolled from precision band steel. The nickel-plated surface of the link plates improves the gliding characteristics and protects them against corrosion. Pins and rollers are absolutely rust-proof.