Chain cleaning

Particles already in the link can hardly be removed by any cleaning method (not even with an ultrasonic bath). In order to prevent particles being transported into the link in the first place, the chain should be kept dry and clean on the outside by wiping it regularly with an oily cloth. Additionally, sprockets, pulleys and chainrings should be kept as clean as possible because these parts are in direct contact with the rollers of the chain.


Only a very dirty chain should be cleaned intensively. We do not recommend any of the currently available chain cleaning devices because the liquids used normally have a very negative effect in the chain links. The links will not be free from particles after the application but the cleaning liquid will mix with the lubricant which in most cases destroys its lubricating feature. Therefore, before using a cleaning liquid, test it by mixing it with the lubricant you use.



We recommend cleaning liquids which do not have 100% degreasing effect, such as diesel or paraffin. Products based on modern washing-up liquids are generally environmently more friendly. These work quite well and can be easily washed out of the link with water.



Please ensure the chain is lubricated correctly following such an intensive cleaning process!