Spare Parts

Bayonet Connectors
...for hub cable (2x male units).
Article number 8272
Bayonet Connectors
...for internal shifter cables (2x female units).
Article number 8273
Bayonet Connector Set
...Bayonet Connector Set (1x male & 1x female unit).
Article number 8274
Grub Screw for Bayonet Connector
...2 units.
Article number 8570
Hub Cable Easy Set
...for SPEEDHUB units with Serial Number 25300 onwards.
Article number 8573
Concertina Tubes
...2 units. Includes Zip Ties.
Article number 8702
Bayonet Connector Springs
...2 units.
Article number 8709
Hub Cable for Internal Gear Mech
...for both CC and TS units. Includes zip ties and concertina tubes.
Article number 8271
Paper Gasket Kit
...includes axleplate screws (for External and Internal Gear Mech use).
Article number 8714