chain tensioner spare parts

Shim and Circlip
Article number 8706
Chain Tensioner Spring
...replacement spring for current chain tensioner models.
Article number 8705
Distancing Washers
…for adjustment of the tensioner chainline. Set of 6 units.
Article number 8256
Mounting Bolt (Long)
…required for all 13 tooth threaded sprockets. May be required for use with splined sprockets (all sizes).
Article number 8255
Tensioner Cage
…replacement tensioner cage plate. Can be used for left or right side of cage.
Article number 8254
Mounting Bolt
…regular length.
Article number 8253
Jockey Wheels
…replacement 10 tooth jockey wheels.
Article number 8251
Mounting Arm - Standard Chain Tensioner
...replacement mounting arm for standard chain tensioner (8250/8250-10/8250-15).
Article number 8249
Mounting Arm - DH Chain Tensioner
...replacement mounting arm for DH chain tensioner (8245).
Article number 8246
Conversion Kit
...converts Chain tensioner from original spring form to current spring.
Article number 8248