Tandem Bamboo

Bicycle Tandem Bamboo
Manufacturer Calfee Design [USA]
Website www.calfeedesign.com
Tandem, All, Eccentric Bottom Bracket, Gates Carbon Drive, Disc Brakes
Last update 20.03.2013

Read this build detail about the very special bamboo tandem, pictured above. Consider this October, 2011 review of our Bamboo Adventure in Mountain Flyer Magazine. This duo road two bamboo touring bikes, fully-loaded, 18.5k miles over two years. Our bamboo tubes mitered together and bound by epoxy soaked hemp fiber create a frame whose most notable characteristic, beyond beauty, is this incredible vibration dampening. Enjoy this very thorough and well written article about our bamboo product. As well, please consider this recent feedback from a new Calfee Bamboo Pro owner.